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    “If there were any lingering doubts about the seriousness of the crisis hanging over the future of the Euro—and potentially of the European Union itself—the shock announcement of the dissolution of the French government should remove them” wrote The Guardian’s John Palmer.”…What is new and potentially very alarming, however, is the prospect of time rapidly running out [of time] for the French government – and, indeed, the Eurozone as a whole – to avert disaster.”

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GSE Report
Transparency for government-sponsored entities.
The GSE Report analyzes the role of GSEs in the financial services industry and their impact on consumers, taxpayers, and the national economy. Our Report provides an analysis of governments' actions that impact the financial services industry and on-going efforts by policymakers to re-engineer the housing finance system.

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Tracking our direction.
Roadmaps are ongoing working documents on the rulemaking, studies, reports, and legislation for Dodd Frank, Financial Housing Market Stabilization, Mortgage Industry, QRM, QM, and more….

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Mortgage Report
Legislation, Regulation. Litigation.
A comprehensive review of the legislative, regulatory, and litigation challenges facing the mortgage industry

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