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    “The U.S. public sector pension system is hurtling toward a catastrophic and potentially unavoidable collapse,” wrote American Interest Blog.  [According to a new report,] even as state and local governments shovel more and more money in, they are falling further and further behind as liabilities balloon exponentially. [A second report concluded that] even a white-hot bull market through 2020 would not be enough to start closing the pension hole. Most likely, unfunded liabilities (already in the trillions of dollars) will surge. And in the case of a stock market collapse, all bets are off."


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GSE Report
Transparency for government-sponsored entities.
The GSE Report analyzes the role of GSEs in the financial services industry and their impact on consumers, taxpayers, and the national economy. Our Report provides an analysis of governments' actions that impact the financial services industry and on-going efforts by policymakers to re-engineer the housing finance system.

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Tracking our direction.
Roadmaps are ongoing working documents on the rulemaking, studies, reports, and legislation for Dodd Frank, Financial Housing Market Stabilization, Mortgage Industry, QRM, QM, and more….

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Mortgage Report
Tracking the Revolution and its Impact on Industry and Consumers
Every industry is undergoing radical change caused by technology advances. The changes aren’t evolutionary—they are revolutionary. The Disruption Report tracks this revolution’s latest events and trends and its impact on industry and consumers.

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