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    “...[W]e put in...40% tariffs on solar, up to 50% tariffs on washers,” said National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro. “Do you know what happened? We had foreign investors factories here with American hands and ...materials. And this is the genius of Donald Trump. He understands that tariffs are a way to level the playing field from these unfair trade practices, but also make sure that the production takes place here. …This idea that there are big downstream effects is part of the fake news. …. A penny for a six-pack of beer—that’s worth it to put Americans back to work in two industries that we need …to defend this country.” 

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    “[W]e are in a bond market bubble,” said Alan Greenspan. “And a bond market bubble really means that prices are too high and when they move down, long-term interest rates move up.”

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