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    “…[W]hen the training wheels come off the market in central bank land, macro becomes functionally much more relevant [and creates more volatility in the currency markets], “ said Kyle Bass. “This policy divergence is going to be something between …U.S. Japan and Europe. Europe is going to have to go all-in to arrest their deflationary environment over the next 12 months … And Japan is actually going to have to print more money than they ever have,” as the Federal Reserve winds down QE.

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The GSE Report analyzes the role of GSEs in the financial services industry and their impact on consumers, taxpayers, and the national economy. Our Report provides an analysis of governments' actions that impact the financial services industry and on-going efforts by policymakers to re-engineer the housing finance system.

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Tracking our direction.
Roadmaps are ongoing working documents on the rulemaking, studies, reports, and legislation for Dodd Frank, Financial Housing Market Stabilization, Mortgage Industry, QRM, QM, and moreā€¦.

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Mortgage Report
Legislation, Regulation. Litigation.
A comprehensive review of the legislative, regulatory, and litigation challenges facing the mortgage industry

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