Canfield Press, formed and owned by Anne Canfield and Karen Young, publishes specialized financial publications, including the GSE Report and the Disruption Report. The GSE Report, which has been published since 1996, focuses on trends in fiscal and monetary policy and tracks the activities of the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs). The Disruption Report focuses on the disruptive impact that technological innovations are having on a variety of industry sectors.

In 2014, Canfield Press began publishing the Disruption Report, focusing on how technology was disrupting almost every industry segment at an exponential pace. Subsequently, the Disruption Report has become “the source” of information for the nation’s policy “makers and breakers.”  Today, the Canfield Press website and the subscription-only reports are the “go-to” resource for those interested in how Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies intersect and how they are changing the world in which we live and work.

Anne Canfield is a partner at Michael Best Strategies (MBS). At MBS, Anne’s work involves providing strategic planning, policy advice, and representational services to major corporations on federal and state legislative and regulatory issues in the financial services industry, tax and trade, healthcare, infrastructure, and budget policy areas. She is also part of the firm’s Blockchain and Industry & Technology teams. Prior to joining, MBS in September 2017, Anne was president of Canfield & Associates, Inc., a firm she formed in 1996. Earlier in her career, she was a senior executive at GE/GE Capital, where she developed and implemented corporate policy and legislative and regulatory strategies both domestically and abroad, and a Principal at the firm, McClure, Gerard & Neuenschwander. She also had over ten years of experience on Capitol Hill, working as a senior staff advisor for three members of the U.S. House of Representatives and then a senior adviser and Senate Finance Committee aide to a member of the Senate Finance Committee. Anne serves as the Washington, D.C. Chair of 100 Women in Finance, and her other professional organizations include the Exchequer Club of Washington, D.C., the Tax CoalitionWomen in Housing & FinanceEx-SOBs, and The Ripon Society.

Karen Young is president of The Meritas Group, a financial consulting firm that serves small and mid-sized banks. Meritas offers a wide array of consulting services for their clients, ranging from development of business plans and strategic branch planning to assistance with secondary offerings and mergers. Meritas guided the formation of more than 60 de novo community banks in the southeast, providing their clients’ feasibility studies and business plans for submission in their application for bank charters. Previously, Karen was vice president of Trident Financial, an investment-banking firm that specialized in the conversions and mergers/acquisitions of thrift institutions. Before joining Trident, she was vice president and director of supervision of Financial Institutions Assurance Corporation, a private deposit insurer in North Carolina. She began her career as a thrift examiner for the State of North Carolina and later served as a commissioner for the N.C. Credit Union Commission. Throughout her work in the financial services sector, Karen helped clients adapt to changes in their regulatory and technology environments.

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