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The Amazonification of Healthcare

Visual Capitalist, Jeff Desjardins | Sept. 26, 2018
There is a shift occurring in the healthcare sector, powered by an increasingly digital and data-driven experience. This shift is led by the millennial generation—digital natives, who demand a fast, digital, convenient, and quantified version of healthcare along with ongoing relationships. Treating patients more like retail consumers will be a paradigm shift for healthcare, which will require companies to invest in areas like big data to complete the patient experience.

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The Benefits of AI & Machine Learning

Sinequa | Sept. 2018
Sinequa’s infographic, The Benefits of Becoming Information Driven Using AI & Machine Learning, highlights how the modern enterprise can use AI and Machine Learning to provide actionable insight to enable intelligent automation and decision-making.

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How Machine Learning Helps Prevent E-Commerce Fraud

TransUnion Blog, Glen Goldstein | Aug. 22, 2018
Sometimes it takes a machine-learning computer to detect fraud rather than traditional rule-based algorithms, according to TransUnion’s Glen Goldstein. “Machine learning algorithms are designed to learn from experience and iteratively improve their performance,” according to Goldstein. “Essentially, they adapt as the massive number of factors and conditions evolve within a data set, and can essentially keep up with many of the behaviors that humans — and in the case of e-commerce fraud, criminals — throw at them.”

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How AI Is Transforming the Financial Ecosystem

World Economic Forum and Deloitte | Aug. 15, 2018
Artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing the physics of financial services ecosystem. AI is weakening the bonds that have held together the component parts of legacy institutions, opening the door to entirely new operating models and ushering in a new set of competitive dynamics that will reward institutions focused on the scale and sophistication of data much more than the scale or complexity of capital. This 167-page report, prepared by the World Economic Forum with Deloitte, provides a comprehensive exploration of the impact of AI on financial services.

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