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Pathways for Blockchain in Energy Sector, Stephen Lacey | Apr. 11, 2018
There are hundreds of potential blockchain applications in the electricity sector. Which ones will win out? This GTM podcast examines different pathways for blockchain technology in the sector. In addition, Commonwealth Edison’s Kristen Brown discusses how blockchain technology will impact the utility’s operations.

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Santander Rolls Out Blockchain-based Money Transfer Service

Finextra Press Release | Apr. 12, 2018
Santander announced its rollout of its international money transfer service, as ‘Santander One Pay FX’, for retail customers in Spain, the UK, Brazil and Poland. The service will provide full transparency on fees and FX upfront. Santander is one of the first global banks to rollout a blockchain-based payments service for retail customers.

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22 Countries Sign Declaration For EU Blockchain Partnership

Press Release, European Commission | Apr. 10, 2018
Despite billions of dollars invested in blockchain technology and enormous hype about the technology, the technology’s encryption and public ledgers have not yet found a viable use case, according to Institutional Risk Analyst’s Chris Whalen. “It’s far from clear that blockchain technology is the right form of solution” wrote Whalen. “We continue to believe that the blockchain is a solution in search of a use case.”

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