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Harvard Kennedy School and Bank of America Announce The Council on the Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence

Bloomberg Law Code & Conduit, Dean Garfield | Apr. 10, 2018
It may be too early to regulate the robots. But the U.S. government needs to play a big part in the rollout of artificial intelligence to make sure it benefits society, Dean Garfield, president and CEO of ITI told Bloomberg Law. “Whether you call it collaboration or national strategy, I think some exercise aimed at motivating the country to recognize the importance of AI is critically needed,” Garfield said.

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Five Leading Healthcare Organizations Launch Blockchain Pilot to Tackle Health Care Data Challenges

Press Release | Apr. 2, 2018
Humana, Quest Diagnostics, UnitedHealth Group’s Optum and UnitedHealthcare announced that they are launching a pilot program applying blockchain technology to improve data quality and reduce administrative costs associated with changes to health care provider demographic data, a critical, complex and difficult issue facing organizations across the health care system.

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Distributed Ledger Technologies Are Here to Stay

MBS Blockchain + The Law Blog, Anne Canfield | Mar. 21, 2018
Michael Best Strategies’ Anne Canfield offers an overview of how the implementation of blockchain technology is revolutionizing a number of industries, including real estate, pharmaceuticals and shipping. “2017 may have been the year of the cryptocurrency, but 2018 is shaping up to be the year of the blockchain,” writes Canfield.

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Time for a New Inflection Point

IBM Think 2018, Ginni Rometty | Mar. 20, 2018
Business and technology are reaching an inflection point triggered by the convergence of data and artificial intelligence, according to IBM CEO Giinni Rometty. “Something happens when both Business and Technology architectures change at the same time,” said Rometty. “You look back in time that is about every 25 years and it has the potential to change everything. And so what that means everybody in here runs a business. It’s a business that can learn exponentially and if you learn exponentially you become the disrupter versus be disrupted.”

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