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The Amazonification of Healthcare

Visual Capitalist, Jeff Desjardins | Sept. 26, 2018
There is a shift occurring in the healthcare sector, powered by an increasingly digital and data-driven experience. This shift is led by the millennial generation—digital natives, who demand a fast, digital, convenient, and quantified version of healthcare along with ongoing relationships. Treating patients more like retail consumers will be a paradigm shift for healthcare, which will require companies to invest in areas like big data to complete the patient experience.

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Breaking Blockchain Open

Deloitte | September 2018

In Deloitte’s 2018 Global Blockchain Survey, 84% of the executives surveyed believed that blcockhain technology is “broadly scalable and will eventually achieve mainstream adoption” and 75% of respondents see a “compelling business case” for using blockchain. Moreover, 68% say that their competitive advantage is on the line. Deloitte concludes, “blockchain is at an inflection point, with momentum shifting from ‘blockchain tourism’ and exploration to the building of practical business applications.”

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The Moment of Exponential Impact with AI

IBM at Viva Technology 2018, Ginni Rometty | May 25, 2018
Data and AI will absolutely reorder technology and business, according to IBM’s Ginni Rometty. “This is a moment of great consequence—a moment that actually happens every 25 years,” said Rometty. “Like every great moment in history, there will be a great positives and great challenges.” At France’s Viva Technology 2018, Rometty describes how exponential learning will give companies the ultimate competitive advantage. “This is a wonderful moment of exponential impact on business and society,” concluded Rometty.

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How Blockchain Is Transforming Healthcare, Saurabh Chaturvedi | May 7, 2018
MedRec, a blockchain technology developed by MIT, uses Ethereum’s platform to build smart contracts, which link patients and providers to the addresses of existing medical records. Instead of storing patient data directly, MedRec encodes metadata—including information about ownership, permission, and integrity of the data being requested—that allows records to be accessed securely by patients, unifying access to data across different providers. MedRec will open the source code once the company has a working prototype of Medrec 2.0.

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