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How Will the Adoption of Internet of Things Change Our Daily Lives?, Byron Reese and Lauren Sallata | Sept. 4, 2018
In a GigaOM interview, Lauren Sallata, Panasonic’s chief marketing officer, discusses how the Internet of Things will change out daily lives, thanks to unparalleled data and voice technology that allows personalized and seamless interaction.

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Kroger Partners with Nuro to Test Self-Driving Grocery Delivery Service, Kayla Webb | Aug. 16, 2018
Kroger has joined Walmart in the race to integrate self-driving cars into their grocery delivery service, announcing its partnership with Nuro to pilot a grocery delivery service using Nuro robots. Initially, Nuro’s fleet of Toyota Prius vehicles will have seats for humans to assist with the grocery delivery process. Later this fall, Nuro will begin testing custom R1 driverless vans that have no seats for humans.

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Unleashing the Power of Digital Industry

Momenta Edge Podcast, Guido Jouret | Aug. 15, 2018
Guido Jouret is the Chief Digital Officer at ABB, a technology leader in power grids, electrification products, industrial automation and robotics and motion. In this podcast, Jouret discusses a wide range of topics, including the dynamics of digitizing traditional operational technologies, the importance of Industrial IoT platforms particularly ABB’s Ability platform, the multi-faceted partnership with Microsoft and the demands of bridging operational and information technology paradigms. The discussion highlighted several customer success stories in mining, autonomous shipping and utilities, addressing the massive potential of AI to transform industries and sectors including energy, power grids, transportation and manufacturing. The key for the future will be a digital operating system that will enable far more distributed networks to evolve, while finding people with the skills to address the increasingly complex technical demands of a connected world remains a challenge.

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DARPA Creates the Fast Lightweight Autonomy Program

Press Release, DARPA | July 18, 2018
DARPA is developing a new class of algorithms for drones and robots for quick navigation in cluttered environments to perform tasks dangerous, including battlefield reconnaissance and hostile or dangerous urban settings. In the not too distant future, unmanned vehicles will have operational systems that require no human input after providing a general heading, distance to travel and specific items to search, according to DARPA program manager J.C. Ledé.

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