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Everything You Need to Know About the Internet of Things, Danny McConville | Apr. 2, 2018
The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world. Seamgen’s inforgraphic examines how IoT is impacting the automotive, banking, hospitality and manufacturing sectors. By 2025, IoT will have an 11.1 trillion annual impact on the economy, according to McKinsey & Co.

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The Future of Self-Driving Trucks Is Starting Now

The Verge, Andrew Hawkins | Mar. 6, 2018
On March 6, Uber announced it is now operating its fleet of self-driving trucks on its Uber Freight app. Using transfer hubs, self-driving rigs drive long-haul, highway portion of the trip and transfer the trailer to human drivers for the last delivery miles.

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How the Internet of Things Is Improving Rail Travel in France

IBM Watson | Feb. 22, 2017
French Railways operator SNCF uses IBM Watson IoT to deliver superior customer service, maximum operational efficiency and enhanced safety to its 13.5 million daily passengers. Using the Watson IoT Platform and thousands of sensors, SNCF connects its entire rail system, including 30,000 kilometres of track, 15,000 trains and 3,000 stations, to provide insights from real-time information. These insights will allow SNCF to manage its equipment and improve quality, security and availability of its trains.

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