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Internet of Things: The Digital Economy Leader

KPMG, June 2018
The Internet of Things is massive market in terms of data and continues to grow exponentially, according to KPMG. “These
connected devices are becoming intelligent things enabling the creation of
new business models,” wrote KPMG “…IoT is the top technology
expected to dive business
transformation over the next
three years.” Worldwide, IoT spending is expected to total $1.1 trillion by 2021.

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Transforming the Future of Manufacturing with Technology

Deloitte and Singularity University | May 2018
In this white paper, Deloitte and Singualrity University analyize how exponential technologies, including 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things, are revolutionizing the manufacturing sector. These technologies grow and enable change at an accelerating pace, and are often used in conjunction with each other to fundamentally disrupt processes and industries—and create opportunities.

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The Future of Manufacturing

ZDNet’s Robotics, Greg Nichols | Apr. 25, 2018
ZDNet’s Greg Nichols illustrates how artificial intelligence is changing the world of manufacturing, using robots to assemble a IKEA chair and 3D printers using heat to eliminate the need for assembly. The general algorithm and existing material systems for these 3D printers should eventually lead to the manufacturing of large, strong self-folding objects, such as chairs, boats, or even satellites.

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5G: The Catalyst for Internet of Things Innovation, Vikrant Gandhi | Apr. 13, 2018
5G technology will play a role in supporting the next generation of Internet of Things services in the automotive, industrial and healthcare industries. Industry leaders argue that 5G is critical to the efficient deployment of IoT services. A growth-oriented regulatory environment will be essential to the deployment of 5G technology.

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