Disruption <span>Report</span>

Disruption Report

June 19, 2017
Topics Include:

"Two different kinds of economies in the United States."

We have two sectors— two different kinds of economy in the U.S.—two different kind of categories of sectors. Divide into one may call fast change sectors and slow change sectors. Slow sectors are like retail, transportation media—in which technology has had a huge impact. Software is eating those sectors.


There’s massive change happening in those [fast change] sectors.


The other part of the economy is what you might call the slow change part of the economy,which is all the sectors in which the opposite of that is happening. These are sectors like healthcare, education, construction, elder care, child care and, also by the way, government. The big six. In those sectors the opposite of that is happening. In those sectors, we have a price crisis.

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