Eurozone Economy

Eurozone Economy

A 21st Century Plan for Prosperity in Puerto Rico

“Creating a 21st century Puerto Rico may seem a little premature when most Puerto Ricans are currently without electricity, drinkable water, or permanent shelter,” wrote Newt Gingrich. “However, creating a 21st century Puerto Rico must be advocated and described as early as possible. Puerto Ricans must know their island will have a future worth investing their lives in. …The key to Puerto Rico's future is to avoid rebuilding obsolete, old infrastructure and instead investing money in a new, modern, 21st century Puerto Rico. This will increase economic growth and improve quality of life on the island.”


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The GSE Report

"Due to our responsibility before Allah and then before our peoples and the world, we have to stand united to fight the forces of evil and extremism whatever their source, in compliance with the orders of our true Islamic religion. Islam was and will remain the religion of mercy, tolerance and coexistence, which were confirmed by clear examples. During its bright eras, Islam provided the best examples in coexistence and harmony among interreligious and intercultural. But today, we see some who considered themselves as Muslims seek to present a distorted image of our religion where they seek to link this great religion with violence.

We say to our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters of Muslims everywhere that one of the most important purposes of Islamic law is self-preservation and there is no honor in committing crimes. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. Islam urged reconstruction of the land and prohibition of destruction and corruption. Islam considered killing an innocent as killing all people. Our way to achieve purposes of our religion and win the paradise is to spread the tolerant values of Islam based on peace, moderation and prevention of destruction and corruption on the ground.

We, as countries and peoples, condemn all forms of harm to relations of the Islamic countries with the friendly countries and classification of peoples and states based on religious or sectarian basis. Such abhorrent acts are only made as a result of attempts to exploit Islam as a cover for political purposes that fuel hatred, extremism, terrorism and religious and sectarian conflicts.

The Iranian regime and its affiliated groups and organizations such as Hezbollah and the Houthis, as well as ISIS (Daesh) and Al-Qaeda and others are clear examples. The Iranian regime spearheads the global terrorism since Khomeini revolution until today. Since 300 years ago, we, in this country, did not witness terrorism or extremism until Khomeini revolution emerged in 1979. Iran has rejected initiatives of good neighborhood provided by our countries based on good faith.

Iran replaced these initiatives with expansionist ambitions, criminal practices, interferences in the internal affairs of other countries, flagrant violations of the international law, and violations of the principles of good-neighborliness, coexistence and mutual respect. ........"

King Salman of Saudi Arabia

Arab Islamic American Summit

May 21, 2017

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April, 2017 GSE Report

North Korea this time is really very close to having the capability to miniaturize a nuclear weapon, put it under the nose cone of an ICBM, and launch the ICBM towards the United States. …The detonation of a nuclear weapon on a major American city can really concentrate your attention. This is putting America first. We are a global power. That’s a reality. Therefore, our interests are worldwide. South Korea and Japan are two of our biggest trading partners, and they are threatened by this erratic, irrational regime in North Korea. We are on the verge of being threatenedin the United States ourselves. We’ve got inadequate defense capabilities.

...[I]t’s entirely foreseeable that the day North Korea gets the capability to drop a nuclear warhead on the United States via ballistic missile, Iran could have that capability the next day by writing a check in the right amount of money.

John Bolton

Former UN Ambassador

April 28, 2017

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IMF Raises 2017 Global GDP Outlook

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The Buying Power of the U.S. Dollar Over the Last Century

“The value of money is not static,” wrote Visual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins. “In the short term, it may ebb and flow against other currencies on the market. In the long-term, a currency tends to lose buying power over time through inflation, and as more currency units are created. Inflation is a result of too much money chasing too few goods–and it is often influenced by government policies, central banks, and other factors. In this short timeline of monetary history in the 20th century, we look at major events, the change in money supply, and the buying power of the U.S. dollar in each decade.”

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Central Bank Shell Game: The Unintended Consequences if NIRP

“It is clear that the negative rate experiment is neither sustainable nor helpful to economic growth,” wrote Nick Kararan. “It only inflates bubbles while widening the wealth gap in Swedish society. A once prudent and financially conservative people are now getting drunk on debt, wrecking their futures. The very premise of Swedish society is under attack. Nevertheless, it does not appear that this policy will abate anytime soon. There seems to be one lever in the Central Banker’s control room: interest rates. If anything, they may get more aggressive with it.”

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