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Federal Reserve

March-April 2017 Disruption Report

The transportation revolution is going to shake our world.

[Connected and autonomous vehicles] will transform our economy and change the landscape of almost every industry. Although some sectors will be more significantly affected than others, ripple effects will be felt throughout most, if not all industries. As the effects compound, the overall magnitude of the impacts would multiply. ...With the assumption that CAVs will eventually become pervasive, or at least hold a large share of the automotive market, it is nassured that they will have a strong economic impact, potentially as much as $1.2 trillion or more. Professor Kara M. Kockelman University of Texas-Austin January 2017.

Professor Kara M. Kockelman

University of Texas-Austin

January 2017



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Fed's Kashkari Takes on JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon

"Our job is to call out risk where we see them."

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New York Fed's Dudley Discusses Monetary Policy


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Central Bank Shell Game: The Unintended Consequences if NIRP

“It is clear that the negative rate experiment is neither sustainable nor helpful to economic growth,” wrote Nick Kararan. “It only inflates bubbles while widening the wealth gap in Swedish society. A once prudent and financially conservative people are now getting drunk on debt, wrecking their futures. The very premise of Swedish society is under attack. Nevertheless, it does not appear that this policy will abate anytime soon. There seems to be one lever in the Central Banker’s control room: interest rates. If anything, they may get more aggressive with it.”

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Three Hikes in 2017

“At present, I see monetary policy as accommodative,” said Fed Chair Janet Yellen. “The current level of the federal funds rate is below that neutral rate, but not very far below of that neutral rate. “

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The Fed Will "Go" this Week

“The Federal Reserve is widely expected to raise interest rates again at their meeting next week,” wrote Alhambra Partners’ Joseph Calhoun. “They obviously view the recent cyclical upturn as being durable and the inflation data as pointing to the need for higher rates. Our market based indicators agree somewhat but nominal and real interest rates are still below their mid-December peaks so I don’t think a lot has changed. More interesting will be how the markets react after the Fed does what everyone expects it to do. I suspect we will soon be hearing—again—about the conundrum of long term interest rates.”

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