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“Marketplace lenders and platforms are required to follow the same federal laws as other lenders … and is not unregulated, as some have suggested.”


Attached please find a new Roadmap document that we hope is helpful to you.


This Roadmap tracks amendments to the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA) that have been enacted, or that are pending in the current Congress.  This is a Working Draft that will be updated as events warrant. 


While very few amendments – even technical corrections – have been passed since the DFA was enacted, we expect that corrections and revisions to the  DFA will be considered at some point, but probably in the next Congress.  While all legislation dies at the end of each Congress, many of the bills that were introduced in this Congress, are likely to be re-introduced in early 2015 when the new Congress begins. 


Therefore, we thought it would be helpful to keep a running tab of the current activity because it is likely to be a precursor to future legislation.





Attached please find our latest edition of the Roadmap to GSE Reform. 


Within the attachment are four documents that describe in detail:


·       A side-by-side comparison of the PATH Act, S. 1217, and Ranking Democrat Maxine Waters’ Discussion Draft.   

·       The PATH Act

·       Discussion draft (S. 1217) proposed by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Tim Johnson and Ranking Republican Mike Crapo

·       Discussion draft put forth by House Financial Services Committee Ranking Democrat Maxine Waters (D-CA) from Ranking Member Waters


The first document – i.e., the side-by-side comparison -- compares the areas in the proposed legislation that overlap.  While useful for comparing areas of overlap, this document is lengthy.  For that reason, there are also three documents that describe each of the three legislative proposals individually. 


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This update adds H.R. 2348, the House companion bill to S. 563.  There is no link to H.R. 2348 yet.  Both bills would restrict federal use of G-fee increases to GSE business functions under specified laws, and would prohibit Treasury from disposing of GSE preferred shares until a law is enacted permitting it.
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Please find attached the latest Roadmap to GSE Reform Legislation that reviews the pending legislative proposals that have been introduced, or about to be introduced, in this Congress.
As additional legislative proposals are introduced, this document will be updated.
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This Roadmap tracks the ongoing legislative efforts to reform the Government Sponsored Enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.