GSE <span>Report</span>

GSE Report

May 01, 2017
Topics Include:

North Korea this time is really very close to having the capability to miniaturize a nuclear weapon, put it under the nose cone of an ICBM, and launch the ICBM towards the United States. …The detonation of a nuclear weapon on a major American city can really concentrate your attention. This is putting America first. We are a global power. That’s a reality. Therefore, our interests are worldwide. South Korea and Japan are two of our biggest trading partners, and they are threatened by this erratic, irrational regime in North Korea. We are on the verge of being threatenedin the United States ourselves. We’ve got inadequate defense capabilities.

...[I]t’s entirely foreseeable that the day North Korea gets the capability to drop a nuclear warhead on the United States via ballistic missile, Iran could have that capability the next day by writing a check in the right amount of money.

John Bolton

Former UN Ambassador

April 28, 2017

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