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January 31, 2017
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The inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States marks a new paradigm for our nation. While the pundits will parse every word of his 16-minute speech, most will miss the embedded meaning of federalism, patriotism, hope, and freedom expressed in the voice of a successful businessman.

…Trump’s prose is not the poetry of Lincoln, but it contains the soaring rhetoric of our founders’ philosophical intent. The president stated that he intends to return power to the people. This desire to return power to localities is the essential fourth branch of government, restricting abusive power that makes our republic uniquely federal. Both Athens and Rome, city-states of ancient times, ruled their empires without consideration of this issue. This omission led to dictatorial takeover. Two thousand years later, our founders recognized that the states were sovereign and determined to prevent this occurrence. They further put this in the Tenth Amendment, often ignored.

…After eight years in the wilderness, our search for the America our founders created has resumed. Ronald Reagan talked of a shining city on the hill from the Bible. He slowed the growth of federal domestic power but left us with a $1-trillion debt. Obama has left us withalmost $20 trillion in debt, making the job that much harder. Trump understands that American exceptionalism cannot flourish during bankruptcy.

…Trump seeks to shrink the government’s influence over our lives. This is the new paradigm that Reagan could not complete. If Trump succeeds, he will be the constitutionalist we need. For we are the people of these United States.


Howard J. Warner,

American Thinker

January 23, 2016


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