Housing Finance, Affordability and Supply in the Digital Age

On November 1, the Urban Institute and hosted its fifth annual housing symposium, “Housing Finance, Affordability, and Supply in the Digital Age.” This symposium explored housing policy changes, the economic outlook for the US housing market this year and beyond, market opportunities for reaching emerging markets, affordability challenges in the residential housing supply, and the impact of technology and digital advances on housing finance. The symposium addressed the following questions:

  • How can we better understand the challenges of income variability, different age cohorts, credit scoring, and access to down payments?

  • What are the obstacles to increasing the residential housing supply?

  • How is the adaptation of regulation and technology shaping customer acquisition strategies?

  • What will technological innovation in financial services mean for the diverse borrowers of the future, and how can technology reduce loan defects and advance industry safety and soundness?




  • Todd Baker, Senior Fellow, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Nikitra Bailey, Executive Vice President, Center for Responsible Lending

  • Marla Blow, CEO, FS Card Inc.

  • Andrew Bon Salle, Executive Vice President for Single-Family Business, Fannie Mae

  • Amy Brandt, President & CEO, Docutech 

  • Mark Calabria, Chief Economist to Vice President Mike Pence

  • Brent Chandler, Founder & CEO, FormFree

  • Rob Chrane, CEO, DownPayment Resource 

  • Erin Currier, Director of Financial Security and Mobility, The Pew Charitable Trusts 

  • Sam Khater, Deputy Chief Economist, CoreLogic 

  • Dave Lowman, Executive Vice President for Single-Family Business, Freddie Mac

  • Carlos Martín, Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center, Urban Institute 

  • Anne McCulloch, President & CEO, Housing Partnership Equity Trust

  • Hans Morris, Managing Partner, Nyca Partners 

  • Michael Neal, AVP of Economics, National Association of Home Builders 

  • Frank Nothaft, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, CoreLogic

  • ​Rolf Pendall, Codirector, Metropolitan Housing & Communities Policy Center, Urban Institute 

  • Brad Thompson, Executive Offering Lead, Mortgage and Compliance-as-a-Service, Accenture

  • Stockton Williams, Executive Vice President, Urban Land Institute



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