Housing Finance Reform

White Papers 

GSE Reform Is Dead—Long Live GSE Reform!, Jim Parrott and Mark Zandi, May 2018

Draft Corker-Warner Bill, Version 29, with Josh Rosner comments

“The Future of Fannie and Freddie,” American Affairs Journal, Dean Barker, Volume II, Number 1, Spring 2018

FHFA’s Administrative Reform of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Housing Finance System, Congressional Research Service, May 23, 2016

Federal Housing Finance Agency Perspectives on Housing Finance Reform, Jan. 16, 2018

Normalizing the Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet and Its Impact on the MBS Market, Urban Institute, Laurie Goodman and Bing Bai, November 2017

Blueprint for Restoring Safety and Soundness to the GSEs, Moelis & Company LLC, June 2017

GSE Reform: Creating a Sustainable, More Vibrant Secondary Mortgage Market, Mortgage Bankers Association

GSE Reform Principles and Guardrails, Mortgage Bankers Association

Towards a New Secondary Mortgage Market, Milken Institute, Michael Bright and Ed DeMarco, September 2016

A More Promising Road to GSE Reform, Urban Institute, Jim Parrott, Lewis Ranieri, Gene Sperling, Mark Zandi, and Barry Zigas, March 2016

Reforming the U.S. Housing Finance System, 04/03/13